Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2020-04-29

Chapter 4 Auto-Suggestion


The Third Step toward Riches

Chapter 3 talked about having FAITH and since I believe FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD Chapter 4 is the first step to making my dream come true.

So what is my dream? I wish to be financially free to be able to go where I want when I want and I believe that if I use self talk that says  will be financially free it will happen.

The question is how to get where I want to go and I have faith that if I continue to use the system we have that Michael & Linda built for us it will happen for me & Marina.

One of my self talks is I am having fun building the largest network marking company in the industry by finding people who want change and that change will happen for them

through teaching and education.

Another one I say and is posted on my wall is 

 I do only those things which are best for me. I create the best within myself, I attract the best in others, and Ifind the best in the world around me. I willingly, and without fail, take

care of the duties and obligations

which I have accepted for myseg I commit only to those responsibilities which I know I can fullfill I focus the attention of my mind only on those things that I can do something

about. If I cannot affect it or direct it-I

accept it. I keep my mind too busy thinking good, healthy, positive, constructive, and productive thoughts to ever have any time for worry. I control the thoughts I choose. No

thought, at any time, can dwell in my mind without my approval or permission. I never worry. 

So to sum it up I have faith that if I help enough people get what they want I will get everything I have always wanted ( Zig Ziglar)

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Marcel & Marina Schmidt