Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2020-04-29

Though falling prey to anxiety and experiencing panic attacks as a result of those has been a mainstay in my life for many years, I have noticed a real difference in the frequency of these episodes since I started participating in MFF. Along with this I've been making it a goal to feed my mind the things it needs and I've found that sometimes, it's to fight the instrusive worry loop that happens sometimes. I will think another thought on top of the worrying one, and the worry will continue to fight back over and over again. I realize this sounds really strange, but if you've ever had a thought go on all day that you can't push out and all it's done is steal from not only your whole day, but your view and hope for the future, then maybe you know what I mean. 

Sometimes I feel like I'll never get there, and then I realize it HAS to be work, and hard work, otherwise it wouldn't be so worth it. A powerful reminder I got, was from Tuula's lesson, was that auto suggestion is always, for a while, going to take concentration and repetition until your mind takes off with the good thoughts as easily as it does the bad ones. 


A life situation that really parallels for me. Our 4 month old puppy is kind of a mess right now. Frightened by everything, being out of control on the leash and experiencing a lot of different rebellious and stubborn behaviors. Dad and I learned recently that we're going to have to take it back to basics, and by "basics"- we're going to need to stand in an enclosed space for 10-15 minutes multiple times a day and make her stay by our feet. If she doesn't do it, then we are supposed to stand like a tree until she does. Over and over. How repetitve is that and how simple of a thing is it that will also be a pain and such a concentrated effort at first?

If I think about why she's having issues, it's probably because we missed some FOUNDATIONAL steps in her training and because she's afraid, and has, like people, lost all her senses when she's scared. Then I also realized that, just as she has to go through repetition of something so simple, she will be a great dog in the end if we put in the effort to help her. In my own life, I have to put in the effort to use my clicker/ counter again to feed ONLY good things to my mind and make sure I'm doing it so many times a day that I'm taking up quite a significant amount of time. Like the puppy, I'll surely be better for it later with the work I put in now. 



Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your support, leadership and gentle nudges to help us learn how to think. 


Kristen B. / Fairhope AL