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Amos Dunaway Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Posted: 2020-04-29

One of the things I found most encapsulating by this chapter was realizing how easy it is to disavow auto-suggestion. Not that it isn’t true, but because it sounded too simple. Realizing that this actually happens more commonly with the negative aspects of a goal or desire made it clear that auto-suggestion (or the myriad of names it has held throughout the years) occurs constantly.
Napoleon Hill, speaks of letting the ether of the universe and the conscious habits of the mind to penetrate the sub-conscious through the faith and desire of a visualized goal. 

I think one of the most important aspects we can take from this is the emphasis from the previous chapters to have a clear visualization of the goal. without which, any negative thought, event, or action that arises will fixate on the vagueness of the goal/desire.
This becomes, in and of itself, the auto-suggestions that feed the subconscious. Every moment we spend entertaining a feeling of failure, is a moment of feeding that feeling to our subconscious. 

Considering the date of publication for this book, I wouldn't be surprised if Thomas Maslow took inspiration from it when he published his own research on the Hierarchy of needs. Placing self-actualization (easily similar to auto-suggestion) at the top of all other needs, and then later stating it could fulfill lower needs was, in my opinion, saying you have to let go of your reliance on these other needs before you can achieve your full potential. Sometimes we get so caught-up in trying to meet the needs of a home, daily lives, or our family that we forget that we are handicapping ourselves by not having the faith in our own abilities. Does this mean we should forgo those needs, absolutely not, but rather, attach with them the same principals of goal achievement, desire, and faith that we are pursuing. The alignment of the goal, when it consumes your entire purpose, does not just extend to the specific desire, but all other needs should be approached in the mindset of the desire with the faith that it will come to fruition at a specific time.

In this way we can take every victory, even in areas of life that may not related to the end goal, as a successful way to feed the positive auto-suggestions towards the final pursuit.


Thank you, Michael and Linda Dlouhy, for this group and for organizing the community of people desiring achievement,


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