Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Eric Braun Ohio City, Ohio , United States

Posted: 2020-04-29

Chapter 4

  In the Dictionary, auto-suggestion means:
The hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea that one has originated oneself, e.g. through the repetition of verbal statements to oneself to change behavior.

Now combine autosuggestion with FAITH.

  In the Dictionary, FAITH means: complete trust in someone or something.

  When you combine the auto-suggestion of your statement you wrote in Chapter 2, and mix it with FAITH in yourself, the possibilities you sow into your mind will achieve desirable results.

Jim Rohn said, “Faith is the ability to see things that don’t yet exist. Faith can turn difficulty into reality."

All you need is FAITH, with a new set of eyes, confidence in yourself, through auto-suggestion, and the possibilities are endless!

  Thank you, Michael and Linda Dlouhy, for opening up the possibilities in our mind, through this book from Napoleon Hill, and The Mastermind Group for their weekly input.


Eric Braun
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