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Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2020-04-22


The Second Step toward Riches

How To Develop Faith

Hill tells us there comes, now, a statement which will give a better understanding of the importance the principle of auto-suggestion assumes in the transmutation of desire into its physical, or monetary equivalent; 

FAITH is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of autosuggestion.

Here I think back to my days on the farm in 1954 and 1955 as a teen age boy having to farm 150 acres of corn, cotton, peanuts and couple of other products. Why ? because my father was very sick and was not able to do the reqired work.

Farmers have an abundance of faith because first they need to prepare the ield for planting this requires gas for the tractor which he must purchase before he makes any money.

He must also purchase the seed and fertilizer again before any money is made,additionally he must use more gas for the tractor to plow and apply the fertilizer.

Back to 1954 we had had a very late freeze which froze the the cotton and part of the planted corn.

Here we had to make a decission to just give up for the year or just start over and have a later crop which we did Unfortunately this year the production was very limited. But we tried

1955 it was time to do the same procedure thankfully the resulst were much different and we had  what the small farmers considered a Bumper Crop.

As Michael says "do whatever it takes". We had the faith to do what it took and the results were very happy.

I was not able to go to high school because somebody had to do the farming and as being the oldest of the children it was up to me to make a dream come true

Thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for also in Faith creating this platform against all odds, that hundreds if not thousands have been able to know how and why to create a strong faith. That will help us to become better marketers.

Thanks to all my fellow Mastermind Partners that read and post a lesson each week for us all to learn from and acquire more knowledge each week.

Bill Riske