Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2020-04-22

The bottom line of FAITH is having the END IN MIND before you get started with a DETAILED PLAN WRITTEN TO ACCOMPLISH IT and Taking ACTION ON IT.

There will be BUMPS in the road. And that seprrates the ones who stay from the ones who make it to the finish line. Call it a marathon or sprint. But the key is to GET THERE.

Brett Farve wanted to win a Super Bowl Championship more than anyone else. The players NOT so much. They were on offense dropping easy touchdown  passes. Why because they did NOT believe they deserved to win. One time Steve mentioned to his friend Evan before taking a test when he had doubts: "If you put your mind to it then you will PASS. Same goes here. Once you made your first $500 per month here you are on your way! And now is the opportunity to teach PLENTY of people to DUPLICATE THAT! Over and over!! Money Conciouness. What are you gonna give in exchange for the MONEY? "I am having fun attracting & retaining loyal customers and sponsoring leaders onto my team easily and consistently through education & teamwork." People could relate to the small wins better than the big wins. When you mention on your FB live that you once were looking for an extra $30 per month for only coffee & wine but now your side hustle pays for gas in your car, your groceries from target, gas, and your bills people could relate MUCH MORE to than  when you buy a house. People are more likely to enroll much more when its $500 per month! The small wins is the FIRST STEP to money consciousness! Time to JUST DO IT!

Lawrence Bergfeld