Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2020-04-21

Ben when You first met Jenny You had total faith in Your belief that the next woman who You dated and meet was going to be Your wife for life. You need to use that belief in Yourself in that goal, getting to the stage where You say within this time frame this is going to happen and making it happen. 

You have seen the effect of faith of both positive and negative faith within a person’s life in the orders that the person places and how they come to those whom are involved within Your life. You need to stop letting others orders play out in Your own head that they become Your own thoughts. 

Recently an example is working with someone who currently is living in fear and all You hear is stuff like I am gonna lose this xxxx, we all know what is going to happen when its said enough times. Yep You will make it happen somehow rather than believing You are gonna keep the xxxx You will end up losing that xxxx. 

That is where our self talk and auto suggestion comes in handy Ben it helped You so much with finding Jenny, with getting Your health back on track so its time to use it to work on Your current goal and working from home to help families of Australia and New Zealand to live better lives. Aswell as to go on the planned trip to Disney Land, the funds are starting to arrive already. Yep they are coming in from those various sources and in various amounts just like suggested in Your where will You be by the date. 

Its that faith that You used when heading on Your honeymoon that You knew You were going and nothing was going to stop You at all. That faith that You were going to meet Your wife within 3 months and it happened, that faith that You were going to get Your health in order and made that happen. 

For the longest time I was unaware just what faith really was as all was shown was the religion, its so much more than that. 

Thank You so much to my amazing wonderful friends for life from mentoring for free, including my wonderful amazing mentors Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your continuing guidence love and support. Thanks for my amazing wife for life Jenny for being willing to be that amazing woman that means the world to me. 

Your friend and mentor for life, 

Big hugs my amazing friends, 

Ben Drake 

West Ryde NSW Australia 

Helping Australian and New Zealand Families to live better lives.