Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nick Harper Tyler , TX, USA

Posted: 2020-03-18

Chapter 13 The Brain




The subconscious mind is the “sending station” of the brain, through which vibrations of thought are broadcast. The Creative Imagination is the “receiving set,” through which the vibrations of thought are picked up from the ether.  – Hill


Me and Kristen celebrated our 4th anniversary on Friday March 13th.  We hosted a BBQ on Saturday the 14th.  My parents and Kristen’s parents were both here to celebrate…My parents have been married for 41 years and Kristen’s parents have been married for 45 years.  We also had many friends, cousins, church members, and mutual friends in attendance…there was a good mix of mindsets here. 


A family from church always attends any event that we host…they’re good people, but the father of the family David is very closed minded!!!  David and his wife Precious have 4 boys, the oldest Devin is a junior in college, Davion is a junior in high school, Durvay is in the 8th grade, and Drake is in the 4th grade.  We’ve been friends for about 4 years…just a side note Davion and our daughter Kassidy have been dating for about a year.  David had a good job as he called it working at a local bank, he says that his major is finance.  One day the bank manager asked David to do something, that David didn’t feel was in his job description, David firmly let the bank manager know his thoughts on this task…Next the bank manager firmly let David know that we no longer need your service here!!!   Every since David has been fooling around thinking that he’s a jack of all trades, with little to no knowledge on anything that he’s attempted.  He’s tried to sell me on many of his ideas, but I NEVER bought any of them!!!  He has a few dump trucks that he tried to sell me, but everytime we talk he’s working on them.  He’s tried to get me involved in real estate deals with him, but he wants to do all the work himself.  The last property that he acquired was supposed to be a six week flip, BUT it took over a year to complete!!!  He finally admitted to my cousin that he’s lost all of his money in this project and can ONLY hope to break even.  


I know that you MUST have a TEAM in place to accomplish anything…NO ONE PERSON CAN DO IT ALL!!! 


My dad spent a lot of time talking to the guys on Saturday…he’s a great example of a hardworker!!!  He simply did WHATEVER it took to live the lifestyle that he now lives!!!  My dad Lawrence worked 42 years for one of the most profitable oil and gas companies worldwide, everyone would know the company if I mentioned the name.   I remember so many times they’d call him late at night or on the weekends to come in and fix something, and there were very few times that he didn’t go…as a young boy my dad taught me the value of hard work.  My dad worked 40-80 hours a week on his regular job and still had a paint and body business on the side.  I’m the oldest son in the family, I have an older sister LaKesha, and my younger brother Jason passed away in a car wreck back in 2006.   My dad had me and my brother Jason working in his paint and body shop everyday after school, we had to be book smart, there was no time for homework or studying.  On a lucky night we’d get to bed around 10 PM, but most nights it was closer to midnight. 


My dad Mr. Lawrence Harper drove his Beautiful Black truck to the BBQ…A 2020 GMC Denali Dually.   Yes, this is a beautiful machine, top of the line vehicle, BUT this is truck that my dad’s use to driving.  I asked my dad for his keys, I needed to move his truck allow another vehicle to leave…I sat in the driver’s seat and felt the power of this beast….After my dad finished eating he came outside and everyone wanted to see the inside of his Denali…..He opened his truck and said sit in it get the feeling of driving this beast…Guess what David said…this is big money for sure!!!



My dad sent me a picture on Feb 12th when he bought his new Denali.  I just laughed and smiled I already knew that he’d buy one.  GM totally redesigned the body and added more horsepower and torque in the 2020.  He told me that he saw the truck passing by a dealership, wasn’t planning to buy a truck that day, but the dealership that he usually buys from didn’t have one.  He said that the salesman tried to jack around on the price, my dad said I don’t have time to go back and forth playing your games, this is what I’ll pay for the truck or I’ll go to Dow and buy one.  The salesman replied Dow doesn’t have one, my dad replied they’ll get me one that’s where I’ve bought my last 3 from.  My dad said the salesman went to his manager, came back, and said we have a deal!      


I often sit back, watch and listen…I look at the way different brains function.  I listen to some people and wonder where in the hell did you get your outlook on life from?  David pays his bills at the last possible moment…utilities sometime get cut off due to his way of thinking.  He recently had a car reposed, BUT he’ll go out in the blink of an eye and spend $250 on a pair of tennis shoes…I often say to myself I’m so glad that I don’t think like him!!!


Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for teaching me to use more of my brain, think outside the box and be a critical thinker.  Thanks to all of my friends here at MFF for all the love, fellowship, and brilliance that’s shared each and every week. 


Nick Harper