Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2020-03-18

The Twelfth Step toward Riches

After reading this chapter and reading the posted lessons that are all different.

I think back to Genesis 2 verse 7 And the Lord God formed a mans body out of the dust of the ground and breathed into it the breath of life. And the man became a living person.

Now think about all the different lessons and the information given just about the brain and its function

I also think about our grandson on his 20th birthday had a very severe accident and massive brain injury

In fact life flight picked him up as a fatality. He was lfe flight to Herman Hospital in Houston.

We went to see him the following day. Here lay what looked like a lifeless body, absolutely no color and all kind of machines and wires hooked up to his body and head.

He had two deep gashes on both sides of his head.

God had plans for him because after several months in the hospital and endless amount of therapy he was released from the Hospital

Fastforward yes his brain was affected He talks very loud and slured speech and unbeleivably strong.

About five years later he was married to what we all consider God Send loving girl that can control and loves him.

Unforuntely all the medication that he has taken over the past twenty years or all that he has gone through he is no longer able to hold a job.

He has trouble falling asleep while working. He also has ben found to be asleep at traffic light.

How we should thank the Lord every for the brain he has given us because we never know when something happens to keep from our brain function as th Lord has created us.

Yes we all have a rain an as Hill says it depends we use it to control our thought and action as God intended for us.

I also know that in my past I have not always used my brain as God intended for me, mainly because I was not aware how to use my  brain to its full capacity.

I am thankful to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this Mastermind Group were we do an in depth study of the Think and Grow Rich book.Thank You to all my Mastermind partners that share their knowledge and lessons each week.

Thank you to Bob Shoaf for his continded mentoring and leadership.

Bill Riske