Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2020-03-18

I have really taken notice lately to how, whenever I'm discussing something with a friend or even confiding in them, feeling completely lost at the beginning of the conversation, I keep receiving unspoken "answers" to the things I needed the peace about. What's interesting is, it wasn't any specific words they said that turned on a lightbulb, it was just the simple act of discussing it that gave me the answer. I very much believe something in their brain communicated to mine. OR, even more interestingly, that the brain was trying to protect and guide me by helping me deduce my own answer just from talking about it or writing it down.


Another example of this lesson in my life is the power of practicing things you like to do, even if you get burned out- to still continue. To elaborate, I started an online store on Etsy back in 2017 with a novel idea to hand crochet and knit replicas/ inspired pieces from classic tv shows and movies that hadn't yet been done. It's been a lot of fun watching these items sell and getting to serve people in some way. I take great pride in my work and try to always do the best job possible, but sometimes I get burned out or an order comes through for one of my really monotonous pieces that, let's just say, I'm not keen to do all over again sometimes. But I'm grateful for them nonetheless. And the crazy thing that happens is, when I start working on a piece for someone else, I either have a flood of ideas for new items for the shop and visions/ memories of pieces in the distant past I've seen that I could recreate. OR, I have ideas about how to make a pattern from scratch for myself, something that makes me VERY happy, and then eventually to share with others. These ideas come so fast that I often feel overwhelmed and end up having 3 different crochet projects going at a time, hooks and yarn everywhere. I've started to write them down, which reduces the chaos slightly :)  I think it's no coincidence that getting in the creative frame of mind doing something I love, brought more of what I love, and even better than I expected. 


I think these two stories about my own life are really good ones for me to remember about the power of the brain and about continuing to pursue all the subjects that make me happy because some sort of door- even if it's not something I expected, seems to be opened, and it's always been positive in the end. 


Thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your mentorship and thanks to everyone else in this MFF group.