Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nick Harper Tyler , TX, USA

Posted: 2020-02-25


Chapter 10 Power of the Mastermind




POWER is essential for success in the accumulation of money. PLANS are inert and useless, without sufficient POWER to translate them into ACTION.

POWER may be defined as “organized and intelligently directed KNOWLEDGE.”

Power, as the term is here used, refers to ORGANIZED effort, sufficient to enable an individual to transmute DESIRE into its monetary equivalent. ORGANIZED effort is produced through the coordination of effort of two or more people, who work toward a DEFINITE end, in a spirit of harmony.



The “Master Mind” may be defined as: “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.” 

No individual may have great power without availing himself of the “Master Mind.”

                                                                                                          - Napoleon Hill


Joining this POWERFUL mastermind has been the BEST decision that I’ve ever made!!!  I’ve learned so much…I recently attended a networking event hosted by my grandmentor in Dallas TX.  There was a guy there, that wanted to be portrayed as a successful RED…he sat on the front row, wore a bright suit, and made irrelevant comments during the training.  At the end of the training Big AL spoke about a few of his latest books…the imposter asked why haven’t I heard about these books?  I laughed to myself and thought about me and my good friend Len Hollon listening to these books on the way back from convention. 


I made it a point to get next to this guy at the back table after the training…I didn’t say anything…I waited for him to throw his best pitch!!!  He asked was I in XXX company and I PROUDLY said NO!!!  Next he asked what company are you with…I told him and I instantly saw by the look on his face that he was lost for words…after a few seconds of silence he said…I would have never thought that’s your company…I looked him straight in the eyes…and asked why…because I’m not a WOMAN???  He dropped his head and said yes that’s what I’d usually say.  I laughed and walked away…

My wife Kristen has a friend from Wisconsin that’s recently been in the area.  Michelle (Friend), Evan (Michelle’s Husband), Ava (Beautiful 2 Yr old daughter of Michelle and Evan).   Evan’s VERY opinionated…there was a show on TV that Kristen and Michelle were watching last time Evan, Michelle, and Ava came over, all of a sudden Evan said “this show is stupid!!! There’s no way that enough people watch this to pay the celebrities that come on!!!”   I’m working at my desk in an earshot of the conversation…I laughed to myself and thought…what a FOOL!!!


I often think about how Michael tells the story of Sam Walton (Founder of Wal-Mart).

Michael always says that Wal-Mart has many products that Sam didn’t use…BUT people wanted and NEEDED them!!!


Evan told me I can’t believe that you promote this company…the only people that I know that promote this company are broke down single moms…he saw the products on my desk that I Proudly display!  I simply said some people just don’t get it…


By the way Evan’s unemployed, and just a side note his wife Michelle came over yesterday (without him) and asked me to order some products for her…I can’t wait to see his face once she becomes a distributor!!!


I listened to my company call last night and a top leader Pam said, continue to plant seeds, water them, cultivate them, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!  Pull weeds…because they will grow also!!! 


I’m VERY PROUD to represent a FAITH based company that EMPOWERS WOMEN!!! MFF has given me the tools to identify weeds!!!  It’s my duty to pull the weeds and cultivate the volunteers that what to become MORE!!!  I’ve encountered enough FOOLS in my life…But MFF has taught me a new way to deal with them.


Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for creating this POWERFUL mastermind!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH SOOOO MUCH!!! Thank you to all of my FRIENDS here at MFF it’s great to get a piece of your brilliant minds!!!


Nick Harper