Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2020-02-05


Kristen Burnett, Fairhope, Alabama 


With this chapter being quite lengthy but a WEALTH of information, I didn't really have a specific direction for my lesson until I got an alarming call last night. I found out from my ex husbands father that my ex had been arrested. I was very concerned about the circumstances surrounding it since we didn't know much. With the knowledge in mind that my ex is a very despairing person who thinks he deserves nothing but to struggle in every way and also being video game addict deep into his addiction, my mind jumped to the worst. Knowing he had nobody around him to get him home from the jail and get his car when it's released and knowing he's been planning for 2 months to move back close to family and hasn't gotten around to it, I knew the problems were not that "something comes up", it's that "nothing comes up/ nothing happens". Though it was a relief to find out that the arrest was for speeding and the officer misperceiving some of his actions, my ex is a good example of the trap I often find my own self in. That is that he knows what he needs to do, but he has NO plan for how to get himself there. An idea that quickly becomes a thing of the past when other, more interesting "time wasters" come up. Though I hurt for him, I realize he suffers from so many of the habits that cause failure. 


It's not surprising that I find a lot of my own faults in the story about my ex husband. It's no wonder we were coupled up with such (negative) similarities. So, receiving that call and pondering his life and how much he must be hurting really helped me to understand that though I'm making so much progress with my mindset and upward thinking, I still haven't outlined a definitive plan for my goals. How do I expect them to happen if I haven't done that? I have quite a few huge dreams for my future and for the profession I want to have, and sometimes I think I get so overwhelmed by the fact that it seems so hard to do that I'm not sure how to organize those wild thoughts. This lesson has helped me realize that I MUST start a plan, put a pen to paper and put it into action even if it's simply a two-worded instruction for myself. 


With even just a few words to start, I will certainly form more and more thoughts that can also be written down and followed. From there, more of the plan for how to acquire my dreams will come into focus. 


I think many of us tend to see where we want to be and the massive undertaking it will be, get overwhelmed and then resign ourselves to doing other things with our time that are "fillers" for what we really want to do. Because they're EASIER; they aren't requiring thought, action or persistence. 


This lesson also taught me that in the case of knowing exactly what my passions are but NOT knowing how to work and make money doing them, all I have to do is come up with a short plan that if acted on will become a long and certain plan. 


Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy and all the MFF great minds for the limitless support, eye-opening perspectives and encouragement.



Kristen Burnett, Fairhope, AL