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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-02-05


Organized Planning


People fail in the long run, simply because the fail to plan.  Any successful and experienced financial services professional will tell you this regarding retirement.  No successful Sports Team from High School up through the professional ranks will win if they are not organized and focused on the mission. 


A couple of examples.   Many will say swimming is an individual sport,  however, competitive swimming in High School and College is a team sport. The great programs such as my High School team many years ago had many great athletes.  Hickman High School, was also coached well. Coach Hamilton  had a game plan which consisted of workout phases from the first week of practice all the way through the State High School Swim meet. The workouts were long, but that is just one part. We had strength training, flexibility training, and mental training.  We never won state, but we were runner ups in three out of my four years of high school. Park Way West of St. Louis won every year was well coached with a plan, they just had a few more star athletes.    The same was true of my last College Coach, Jon Carlson.   He has built a powerhouse in NCAA Division three. He has recruited well, trains athletes hard,  and holds his student athletes to standards.   Carlson has won multiple conference championships and sent many swimmers to the NCAA Championship meet over his tenure.  Neither of these programs would have been successful if the Coaches were not organized and had a plan. 


I love College Football more than I like the NFL.  Have  talked about Nick Saban of Alabama in the past. The Crimson Tide were not championship contenders this season. I, however, expect them to be right back in the BCS race next year. Saban recruits well, has great coaching staff, and pushes for perfection.  A down year to Alabama is at a level that most programs will never reach.  


Now for the NFL.  I never have lived for fall Sunday Afternoons like many of my friends and family members, but I would watch a game here and there. I was always happy when my teams won, but did not lose sleep if they lost.   This changed for a few seasons recently, due to behavior and attitude of some of the players.   Will not support any company or organization if I feel they don’t appreciate those who sacrificed for our Great Country. Enough Said!


This past season was a bit different. I grew up following the Kansas City Chiefs , based on my location.   The Chiefs struck Gold with Patrick Mahomes along with a great supporting cast of players.  They also had Andy Reid as a head coach and some great assistants.  I am pretty confident that Reid had a organized plan from the day he took over as Head Coach a few years back. He knew how to utilize his assistants and players.  Due to the plan and the next great NFL Quarterback, the Chiefs are Super Bowl champions.   


Mahomes is a great player, but also a fine young man. He helps build homes for Veterans in his off time. I will support, admire and appreciate that anytime!  


Besides sports any Large Military Mission needs good organized planning from effective leaders. D Day was a success due to the Generals, Other Officer Personnel, NCO’s, and troops. This mission was planned for probably a year. From training, coordinated efforts with other Allies Forces, and other resources necessary to be successful.  I cannot imagine what the world would be like today if D Day was not successful! 


Conventional Business is no different.  Any medium to large corporate organization is not successful without effective leadership with a plan, resources and effective strategy. Apple Computer for example. Apple almost disappeared completely back in the mid nineteen nineties. Why? They had a lapse in leadership who had the right vision and strategy. Then the late Steve Jobs returned to the Captains chair. He revived Apples Vision and utilized the company talented personnel. From this we have seen the Mac Book, IPOD, IPAD, and I phone. Jobs may be have been unconventional and at times difficult, but he got the job done.   Apple is just one example of a company that knew how to utilize talent.


The flip side is for individuals seeking employment at organizations of interest. One needs an organized plan, mission and ability to show why they are qualified and will bring value to their team.  


Just as employees, network marketers need to be able to demonstrate to potential customers or business associates why we will enhance their lives. To do this we must have goals and organized plan to achieve these goals.  We want to help people help themselves. This will never happen with no plan.  Now we all have bumps in the road and will need to make adjustments from time to time, but we need a plan to adjust. One will fail if they don’t have a plan.


We make our plan, but need accountability and support to keep us on track. Mentoring for Free is the perfect Venue for this.  Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program. Thank you Rick for reaching out to me. Thank you to everyone who participates.  You’ll enhance my life.


Michael Simon