Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2020-01-30


“First. You are engaged in an undertaking of major importance 
to you. To be sure of success, you must have plans which are 

Second. You must have the advantage of the experience, education, 
native ability and imagination of other minds. This is in harmony 
with the methods followed by every person who has accumulated a 
great fortune.

No individual has sufficient experience, education, native ability, 
and knowledge to 1nsure the accumulation of a great fortune, without 
the cooperation of other people. Every plan you adopt, in your 
endeavor to accumulate wealth, should be the joint creation of 
yourself and every other member of your “Master Mind” group. You may 
originate your own plans, either in whole or in part, but see that 
those plans are checked and approved by members of your mastermind 
alliance.” Napoleon Hill

Thomas Edison had a desire to create a lightbulb that works for 
days, weeks and months. His faith was that such a light could be 
made, he just needed to know “the” how. He started with the idea 
and began to make a plan and implement it. When that failed, did 
he throw up his hands and say, “Well that did not work it can’t 
be done and I just stop. No, he made another plan, then another. 
He called in his mastermind and together they create more plans, 
until the day the right idea and plan showed up and history was 

What if more of us would come to our network marketing business 
like Thomas Edison did for all of his inventions, and say, “that 
plan, or ad, or post did not work, I will try something else.” 
What if we called a meeting with our mastermind partner, or our 
mentors and talked over ideas, hunches, and plans? What if we 
practice learn-do-review and when necessary do it again and again?

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a 
commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” 
Paul J Meyer

“No man is ever whipped until he QUITS—in his own mind. This fact 
will be repeated many times because it is so easy to “take the 
count” at the first sign of defeat.” Napoleon Hill

Life is full of obstacles, naysayers, setbacks, and the unexpected. 
I have found I have a choice I can throw up my hands when life happens 
and just stop as most of the world does. I have chosen to be a 2%’er, 
to keep moving forward, to call my mentor, come to my mastermind partners, 
ask questions, listen, really listen to the wisdom freely share, read 
the stories from leaders, move to whatever the next plan or the next 
plan is.

“Quitters never win, Winners never quit!” To succeed, I must learn to 
embrace failure, and not be scared by it. Failure holds valuable lessons 
for me if only I am willing to learn. 

Thank you, Linda and Michael Dlouhy you had a dream for a mastermind of 
independent thinkers. You created a plan and put that plan into action for 
the benefit of those such as me. Thanks, Bob Shoaf, you have shown the will 
to mentor, coach, and shown the wisdom of continually working a plan and 
changing when necessary. I appreciate the support and brilliance of every 
person who participates in the weekly calls. My deepest gratitude to everyone 
who downloaded “Success in 10 Steps” and lets me be a mentor to them.

Nathan Grimes