Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2020-01-30

Are you plans organized?

Do you have a deadline for accomplishing your goals?

Are you making ADJUSTMENTS when plans do NOT work?

You do NOT want to be a Samuel Insuill! That failed to create new plans.

Henry Ford made adjustments to his plans when they didn't work. People who were better educated than him did NOT thats why they live in Poverty.

Wise men learn from other people's mistakes and learn new skills then teach it to others.

There is an old saying the specialist knows more. 

Do you have a plan for being a leader here?

If not then ask for the exit sign, because nobody will to follow someone who is NOT an expert or whom they think goes nowhere. Richard Dennis said you must have impact and own a leadership position in your prospects mind.

And nobody wants to follow a has been or a one hit wonder. Plan, do, review, ADJUST. Do not join an easy crowd, you will NOT grow. Go where the expectations are high and do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS. You may not be able to stand it, but just like in school, It's NECESSARY to do your HOMEWORK. No such thing as something for nothing!

Lawrence Bergfeld