Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-01-08




The power is prayer. Prayer is quite simply the power of God who hears and answers us. One must have faith to believe in this power. Faith blends with thought,   it vibrates and shows up on the subconscious mind’s radar. Faith transfers into the spiritual equivalent, and into infinite intelligence.  


Faith along with love and sex are the most powerful of all positive emotions.  Sex is on the biological side and is purely physical. Faith and love are on the spiritual side. Mixing these emotions creates a direct connection between finite thinking and Infinite intelligence. All thoughts mixed with faith will begin to translate themselves into the physical counterpart, which in this case is money.


One’s thoughts can be in the positive realm or negative.  A majority of folks do not have money now and never will due to the majority of their thoughts being in the negative spectrum. The believe they are doomed from the start. In other words stinking thinking, will keep you down, if you allow it!


We are all challenged with unpleasant situations and circumstances at times.  What counts is how we react to the situation.  One can accept defeat or rise above it.  Most will accept defeat due to negative thoughts. In other words they have no faith or belief in themselves.  


I can’t imagine any self made millionaire or billionaire falling to the negatives.  United States Steel began in the imagination of Charles’s M Schwab and his faith in the idea. He then formulated this into a plan with the transformation of physical to financial reality.   


Another example is Sir John Templeton who was better than most at investing money because most people make investments based on emotion and ignorance with no common sense. He saw an opportunity to provide a needed service for the individual investor. Many benefited and he made a good deal of money for himself.  Mutual funds were a relatively new concept at the time, but Templeton pushed this concept towardswhich is what it is today. Templeton growth fund started with one part time employee, on shareholder and John Templeton. Today this firm has over six thousand employees and assets of thirty six billion. He sold his interests in Templeton fund in the early nineties for four hundred million.   This all started with faith in himself.  


The same goes for the successful icons in network marketing.  Multiple individuals join a network marketing company daily. Very few will make it because they have no faith or concept in themselves.  Anybody can do it , but it’s up to them.  


Reading and listening to positive development material and association with positive individuals will help keep one in a positive mindset.   Mentoring for Free is the place to be. Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this wonderful program. Thank you Rick Burnett for contacting me and thank you to everyone who participates.  


In closing everything begins with faith, that comes with the power of prayer.

Luke one verse thirty seven, “The Lord God Almighty can do all things; there is nothing impossible to him.”


Michael Simon