Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bilal Muhammad EULESS, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-12-24

Ch 3


The Second Step toward Riches

I know that it's so true that if a Lie is repeated over and over the Subconscious Mind will take it to be true.  The Best example I can think of that is the Indoctrination of the Trinity some 300 years after The Messiah, the Son of the Virgin Mary was raised up. Before the birth of  the Messiah the Unity of the Creator was taught by the Prophets and Messengers like Noah,  Abraham, and Moses, during the Life of The Messiah the Unity of the Creator was taught by Jesus the Son of the Virgin Mary. And 600 years after the Messiah Jesus was raised up the Message of the Unity of the Creator was confirmed and completed with the Revelation of the Qur'an to Prophet Muhammad. It's a mathematical fact the 2 plus 2 equals 4. And that 1 +1+1= 3, but during around 300 years after Jesus was raised up the doctrine of the Trinity was introduced and systemically put into the Minds and Hearts of now over 2.18  Billion People and they are told if they believe in the Trinity their sins are forgiven and they will get Paradise which is the opposite of what The Messiah Jesus taught and goes directly against the first and most important Commandments of the Ten Commandments, to paraphrase,Thou have no god but One God, i.e. emphasizing the importance of the Unity of the Creator and only worshipping the One Creator. This happened through Systemic indoctrination orchestrated by the Christian Leaders of Rome and the World Powers of that Time, and reinforced until our time now by Auto Sugestion. Look how the National Holidays are incorporated into modern Christianity, when you traced the Origins you find it has nothing to do with the Messiah Jesus and his Life but are based in Paganism and were incorporated into Christianity over time with the same indoctrination principles and substained thru Auto Suggestion and generation of parents teaching their children. It's Amazing, but maybe because he didn't have the Internet  and Google back then, that the Author mentioned Gandhi and 200 Million People influenced by his thoughts but didn't mentioned the fact that 1.5 Billion People have the Faith and Belief of a man that was born a orphan in the middle of the Desert who's Mother died when he was 6 years old. Abdopted and raised by his Uncle. And was unlettered, i.e. couldn't read nor write, and at the age of 40 years had an a Angel approach him while he was in seclusion of a  Cave and tell him to read! Like Gandhi, Muhammad at that time, had no money, no military, no one to follow him rushed home and told his Wife to cover him with blankets, then related his story to her fearing that he had been approached by a evil spirit. His Wife Khadijah consoled him and told him no evil Spirit would approach him because he was kind to the poor, and weak, and treated all people with fairness. So she took him to her Cousin who had been studying the Christian Scriptures and when Muhammad related his story her Cousin confirmed that it sounded like the same Angel that had came to Moses and Jesus before him and that his People would fight against him and put him out. Now there are 1.5 Billion People in the World who have his same Belief and Faith in the One Creator  Whose name in Arabic is Allah.