Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bilal Muhammad EULESS, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-12-18

I apologize for not hearing my name being called to read my lesson last week. I was rushing out the door to get to work and didn't hear Mr Dlouhy call my name. This is a special opportunity to be able to participate in the Lessons with Mentors for Free. This is a very special group. 

Chapter 2 Desire


I have the desire of owning my own Successful Business. I have to put the fear of being alone and not having a Team behind me and take the leap of faith and burn the Bridge of Retreat!

 I am reflecting back when I stared into the Desert after over hearing a group of soldiers saying, "that they were going to shoot SGT Muhammad in the Back." The day before we were given live ammo and boarded the Plane to Deploy to Desert Shield Desert Storm, I remember after getting off the Plane staring into the Desert and saying to myself, "who is going to help me"? I felt alone, Scud Missiles were being shot down by Air Defense Artillery and knowing  that a group in my own Unit, whom I had love for in my Heart, had planned to shoot me in the Back. I walked in the foot prints in the sand going out to and back from perimeter guard,  afraid of stepping on a live mine. I  slept on my M16 at night so no one could take my weapon and shoot me in the Head, and claim that I  committed suicide.  I didn't have no allie, no one in my Corner. I never mentioned what I overheard to no one during that time. Only  the Almighty Creator brought me through safe and sound from Physical Harm. 

I got of the Army to follow my Dream of becoming a Successful Business Owner in 1996, by 2016 I had been  involved in several Businesses having no success,  became homeless in 3 different States, went through several divorces, the last which I was blessed with my only Biological Child a Beautiful Daughter, she lives in another State, and is my Reason Why I must succeed or die trying. 

So now here I stand knowing that I have to take action on the Six  Definate Practical Steps. At first a fear over came me and I cried. Then I remembered I am not alone. I have faith in the Most High, Almighty Creator, Who has placed a Success Coach and Business Mentor in my Corner, by allowing me to find Mr Nathan Grimes online. I just need to realize my Blessings, and be coachable!! I feel confident knowing that I am about to turn all these years of failures, and loses into learning lessons and stepping stones into building the Successful Business and Financial Riches that I so strongly desire.

And lastly know for a certainty that the Creator is Not a man, not a white man, nor a black man and  that every Prophet and Messenger, including the Messiah Essa the Son of the Virgin  Mariam,  called their People to worship the Creator, alone without any partners.