Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-12-18


Plenty of people which I have crossed paths with over the years would love to have wealth. Most of these folks,  however will not achieve financial freedom. They wish for success, but they don’t  have the desire.   With desire, you have a mindset to do what it takes to get great wealth. Failure is not an option and you will not stop until it happens.  

There is a method which desire for wealth can be converted to the tangible equivalent consist of six steps. First is how much money exactly do you want. Next is what are you willing to do for this. In other words, there is no free lunch.  Then you need a set time frame. Hoping you will be rich will not make this. Then you need a recipe for success: put the plan into action. You need to write all of this in a cleat and concise statement.

Read  this statement out loud daily and  believe in your heart you are worthy.   A successful competitive swimmer, runner, or triathlete sees themselves crossing the finish line of an event. The same principle applies to one who desire riches: see yourself crossing the stage and getting the big check.

The one with desire will do whatever it takes regardless of how many times they fail or period of time this may take.  Edison dreamed of an electric lamp and failed ten thousand times,  before succeeding.  Guglielmo Marconi dreamed of long distance radio transmission.  Marconi’s  friends thought he was nuts and had him committed and physiologically examined.  Thankfully this did not stop him from changing the ways messages were distributed through the air, without the use of wires.   This is where distance communication began.

Ray Kroc is a pioneer in the restaurant industry.  He was a struggling milk shake mixer salesman, but always had a desire. Most of his customers would place an order of one or two mixing machines. He became intrigued when the McDonald’s brother of San Bernandino, California ordered eight machines for their small restaurant . Kroc  traveled across the country and saw a simplified menu of burgers, fries, soft drinks, and shakes that were low priced with quick preparation. Kroc had a vision for this model that could be duplicated. He worked out an agreement to franchise this idea around the country. He is the pioneer of the Fast Food Industry.  Ray Kroc was a man with a vision that began with desire.

The McDonald’s concept is duplicatable and franchise owners have made a lot of money.  One drawback is this model requires a huge capital investment upfront.  Fortunately the Network Marketing industry doesn't .  Therefore anybody with a desire for financial wealth can get involved.

As said in many lessons prior, most do not succeed.  Not because they don’t have ability or means to succeed. Most don’t have the burning desire to do whatever it takes and go all in.  Drive through the ups and downs of the rollercoaster.   One of my favorite quotes is from Les Brown, “It’s not over till I win!”   This is the philosophy to follow.

Association with positive and like minded people helps. Mentoring for Free is the place. Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program and your desire to help others. Thank you Rick for reaching out to me. Thank you to everyone on these calls. You all enhance my life.


Michael Simon