Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2019-11-27

I see the sixth sense as "your gut" and trusting it! When you have the feeling you should do something. ACT on it immediately or else the window closes. When something doesn't feel good back off because if you do not more negativity comes and that's a BAD thing!

Always go to the positive emotions! FAITH, LOVE, SEX, DESIRE, HOPE, ROMANCE, ENTHUSIASM, LOVE and PROSPERITY!! When you are emotionally charged those hunches flow in. ACT on it!

Martin Luther King and others had it! They embraced changed and acted on them!! Without those changes none of those things would happen! Michael Dell more computers sold than IBM, Bill Gates Microsoft every person with a computer, and Steve Jobs, I Phone, I Pod and much more!

Now it's your turn to work on your fortune part time like Jim Rohn said!

Lawrence Bergfeld