Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Eric Braun Ohio City, Ohio , United States

Posted: 2019-11-25

Chapter 14 

The Sixth Sense 



  The SIXTH SENSE is the Creative Imagination in your subconscious mind through which ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into your mind, sometimes called “hunches” or “inspirations”. 

  You can develop your sixth sense by meditation and developing your mind from within by the principles you learned in this book by your self-talk said to yourself at least 500 times to 1,000 times per day. Also, by developing your mental and your spiritual life by praying and communicating with God. 

--Napoleon Hill 

  An easy way to develop your self-talk, is by something I learned by my mentor, Nathan Grimes. In the Google Play or the Apple app store, you can download the Easy Voice Recorder App. Record your self-talk in an endless recorded loop.  

  I, personally, developed my mental and spiritual life by doing my daily devotions and Bible readings to gain wisdom and understanding by becoming closer to God through a relationship to Jesus. I always tithe 10% of my income to be blessed to become a blessing. By doing this, recently, God has blessed me tenfold! By tapping into the Universal Mind of God, He has given me wisdom and inspirations to make the best decisions. 

  Napoleon Hill talked about his mind development and reshaping his own character through his “Invisible Counselors”. 

  My brother-in-law works for Amazon by helping to develop Android phones. My sister says that he problem solves complex mathematical formulas in his mind as he sleeps. 

  Napoleon Hill, also talks about the fact that human beings do receive accurate knowledge when the mind is under the influence of extraordinary stimulation. 

  For example, last Spring, someone ran a stop sign and I was going 55 mph. My sixth sense told me to turn left, otherwise if I drove straight, I would’ve killed the other driver. It may have been a Guardian Angel whispering in my ear as a hunch. Well, anyway, we both walked away without a scratch. My sixth sense saving me again or I would not be typing this essay to tell you about it. 

  Thank you, Michael and Linda Dlouhy, for this “Master Mind” group, where we put our brains together to learn how to think, not what to think. I, also want to thank, Nathan Grimes, for his patience and wisdom. Also, thank you each and every one on the “Master Mind” calls, where we learn from each other to create wisdom to help each of us to succeed in our business endeavors. 


Eric Braun

Ohio City, Ohio 45874, USA