Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Tesch Chandler, Arizona, United States

Posted: 2019-11-24

The Big Picture:

Back in July I awoke one morning with an over whelming inspiration to again participate in Network Marketing, something 4 years earlier I had only known frustration, failure and rejection. Go figure right! but the inspiration I felt was undeniable.

My personal Mentor Bob Schoaf, and ultimately Michael Dlouhy with Mentoring for Free did not find me, I found them, I was direct to them by my inspiration.

Society exists to provide all the necessities you and I require, weather it be a loaf of bread, a tank of gas, A emergency ride to the hospital, a air plain ride, all the things we need every day to survive. We are all but worker bees going about our daily tasked to support Society. if you ask anyone why they do what they do, few will have an answer.

When ever a group exists there must be harmony with in the group, with out organized effort, society could not exist, there would only be chaos. If you are reading this book you will be introduced to these 13 principles that bring harmony to society, it is the philosophy of LIFE

Society requires as any business does, management to organize and direct the worker bees, Infinite intelligence uses the 6th sense to achieve this management need through thoughts and hunches. If you are here know learning this philosophy, you have been chosen to be here, infinite intelligence needs your assistance, its never been about what you want!

Learn to listen to your thoughts because they are not your thoughts, and then simply act on them, 

Infinite intelligence will provide all you need to be successful, you are doing it's biding, LISTEN TO YOUR THOUGHTS.

I am not now talking to you, Infinite intelligence is

You will be well rewarded for your service to Society.

Thanks to all of you here, each and every one.