Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-11-21


“Your sixth sense is the world inside your head – the world
of intuition or psychic power. It is a super sense, the
cumulative power of all your other senses: sight, touch,
smell, and hearing. It’s also an amazing source of creative
power, understanding, and insight. As we all born with
intuition, we can all use it to find meaning in our lives
and realize our full potential The trouble is most of us
aren't aware of our intuition and don't know how to use it.
Theresa Cheung

We have arrived at the pinnacles of the 13 principles of
the philosophy set forth by Napoleon Hill in writing “Thank
and Grow Rich”.  He reminds us that to understand the sixth
we must follow the path of the first 12 principles. He
calls for us to absorb, comprehend and use the twelve stepping
stones he has laid out before us by igniting our thought through
desires, faith, self-talk, specialized knowledge, imagination,
organized planning, decision(action), persistence, a mastermind,
the transmuting of sex energy, applying the subconscious mind
and using the brain in a positive manner as God intends for us.

It is with the sixth sense, that Infinite Intelligence (God) may,
and will communicate voluntarily, without any effort from, or
demands by, the individual.

Just after finishing my lunch on Thursday. Sitting in the living
room from my recliner I can look out the window and see the end
of the ramp which comes to our main entrance. I had dozed off
for a short rest, when I saw with my eyes closed someone standing
at the end of the ramp. With a jolt, I opened by my eyes not to
find anyone at the door, but I did discover that Connie was
preparing to call me, and it was near the time for the afternoon
call. The sixth sense of Connie needing me and an alert of the time.

“We each have a sixth sense that is attuned to the oneness dimension
in life, providing a means for us to guide our lives in accord with
our ideas.” Henry Reed

As stated in the first paragraph most of us aren’t aware of our
intuition and don’t know how to use it. Hill is calling us to the
awakening to our sixth sense and to listen to that small voice with
each of us. Hill had his invisible counsel of man his admired,
appreciated and emulated.

Who could that be on our counsel? Anyone, be it a parent, teacher,
minister, mentor, public leader, industry leader, military leader,
and the list can go on and on. Look for those that have had a
positive impact in life, ours or anyone else.

Michael Dlouhy has often mentioned about read the autobiography
of successful leaders as a source of inspiration. I have no doubts
that Michael can hear many of these individuals speak to him. I
have read and studied the history of biblical leaders, aviation
leaders, industry leaders, historical figures, and many more. Be
it Moses, Thomas Jefferson, Earl Nightingale, or George Patton,
their insight I have implanted in the subconscious mind and with
my sixth sense can recall lessons I have learned from most of them.

Thanks, Linda and Michael Dlouhy for heeding your sixth sense and
show me how to link to mine and use it. Bob Shoaf, I appreciate the
ways you have listened and followed the tiny voice of your
sixth sense heeding and sharing the hunches that have come. My
thanks to the Mentoring for Free mastermind for each other of you
now part of daily counsel. I am grateful to everyone who downloaded
“Success in 10 Steps” and gives me the opportunity to mentor them.

Nathan Grimes