Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2019-11-20

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 13 – The Brain

The Brain:  A Broadcasting and Receiving Station For Thought


Through studying this chapter, I felt a greater responsibility to appreciate and care for my brain.  We have all been given the ability to think, to transmit thought and send our thoughts out to others.  Some few can even read the thoughts of others.

There is no instrument in any store with the ability of the human brain.  Dr Elmer R. Gates pointed out that its intricate structure is beyond our ability to copy and produce.  Plus, even if we could produce it, the trigger of “stepping up the vibrations" by the use of emotions increases the likelihood that it cannot be copied.  The ability to have thoughts and emotions is the blessing and challenge of humans.

Ponder that we do have emotions mixed with thoughts that send out messages to others.  So, when we are aware that we are sending these messages to others, I thought about what the messages were.  Think about the times you’ve asked yourself when seeing someone watching you, “What was that look?”  That “look” sends a thought,which is generally very clear. 

When mixed with emotions, it creates a reaction in the person who is addressed or observed.  A child could run in fear from a parent or rush for a hug.  A guy could get snubbed by a gal or get her phone number.  A marriage can be strengthened or dissolved by the messages we silently send through our thoughts and intensions mixed with positive or negative emotions.

It made me much more aware and careful about my delivery of thoughts.  If I am pleasant, caring and positive, there will be a much different reception from the person I’m addressing, even if  the thought or message is correctional than if I am negative and accusing.  Regardless of my feelings, mastering emotions is critical in the delivery of thoughts to those with whom I communicate. Our transmission must match the desired relationship we wish to continue with the person.  It is humbling to me to be given such power through the use of my brain. 


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado