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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-11-20


The Brain


The Brain is stupendous and fascinating and still is a mystery to many.  For Decades Medical Professionals and Scientists were in the  pioneering stage of research and understanding of what I refer to as the human hard drive. 


More knowledge and understanding of the Brain has happened in the past decade or so. Much of this is due to the millions of brain injuries, which is the signature injury of post 9/11 service members. The Veteran Administration Hospital System has had it’s share of challenges, which the status quo sees and hears frequently from the media. The VA Hospital system, however, has made great cutting edge strides in poly trauma: brain injury.  The system has four top notch poly trauma centers in the United States. One  of these is at the Minneapolis V.A., where I as an impatient for months about ten years ago and been back a few times for touch up rehabilitation  since then.


 I was one of the many veterans from multiple generations who suffered the drawbacks of Brain Injury.  Brain Injury comes in multiple forms: concussions, strokes, seizures, brain tumors, etc.  Due to the complexity of the brain: no two injuries are completely identical.  Another challenge to Brain Injury is this type of injury is hidden. The damage from the injury is invisible.  I  was fortunate to receive such top notch rehabilitation. Not sure I would have gotten better care anywhere else. 


Another blessing from the research, development, and understanding of brain injury has improved the safety of athletes at the high school level and beyond. For example when a football or hockey player is diagnosed with a concussion they are usually benched for a game or more. Otherwise there is a major risk of a shortened sports career and more seriously permanent health issues.    


Some will ask what does brain injury have to do with this step in Napoleon Hill’s philosophy.  Wealthy Entrepreneurs from the past, present, and future had, have, or will have a functioning brain.  The most talented or dedicated individuals could suffer from a brain injury. Proper treatment and safety options from medical research helps overcoming the challenge and risks.    


My brain tumor and concussions changed my life. My desire to succeed, however, never stopped. Therefore I had to learn new compensatory skills to overcome and drive on. Just like anything you have to have the desire to succeed, faith, imagination, and persistence to do what it takes to move forward not backwards.   


The Brain is a broadcast and a reception station. The subconscious mind is the broadcast portion and the creative imagination is the reception portion. In order to have the most productivity you need the highest rate of vibration between the subconscious mind and creative imagination.    Taking the best care of yourself both mind and body will help.


In turn we can be successful in our network marketing businesses and life as a whole.


Feeding your mind with positive and enhancing messages via books, audio programs, and association of like minded people only makes this easier.   Mentoring for Free is a place to be for the support, education, and feedback.  Thank you Michael and Linda  Dlouhy for this program . Thank you Rick for reaching out to me. Thank you to everyone who contributes to this group.


Michael Simon