Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2019-11-07

Think and Grow Rich, Chapter 11:

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation (Emotional Energy)

As I read this chapter again, I looked back on nearly 53 years of marriage and saw our blessing of a beautiful growth from romance and sex to the addition of a calm, peaceful love that has deepened over many years together.  I’ve been thinking through how our lives have fit the principles of Chapter 11.

I remember seeing him standing in the hall at the University of Missouri in Kansas City outside of a huge auditorium class I was taking that summer.  He was leaning against the wall in white Bermuda shorts, a white cotton dress shirt with a great tan.  I stopped when I saw him and thought, “Oh My!, What have I been missing?”  What a connection we made.  We became good friends then realized at the end of summer that we were more than friends.  Over the next year apart as we went to our separate colleges, it became clear we belonged together and we were married a year later.

Sometimes the trials in marriage helped draw us closer and, of course, the joys did the same in a more pleasant way.  I have also realized the responsibility women have to encourage and uplift their husbands.  I have had this awareness often with my husband and later, over the years, have observed it through the relationships of are my 5 sons, 4 of whom are now over 40. 

As with most women, I have not always accepted every twist and turn in our lives and have had times of rebellion.  However, learning and studying the personality types helped a lot when the boys were little and we were still inexperienced as parents.  It helped me to talk more effectively with my husband and our sons.

We also had the opportunity even before we had children to learn how to use hypnotism for ourselves and in other ways.  Hypnotism for yourself is much like meditation.  The mind is totally cleared of all clutter.  It is a powerful experience.  In our class, one man was unable to hear well.  Even with his hearing aid, he still had difficulty hearing.  We knew him and the struggle he had, so we were astonished that when he was in a deep state of relaxation, he could hear perfectly.  For me, this relaxed mind brought me insights that were not available during the bustle of the day.

I have continued meditation and when my mind is still, truly, as Hill said, I am able to receive thoughts, ideas and inspiration that are solutions to situations I’ve been thinking about.

In my opinion, there is a responsibility on the part of each member of a marriage.  Some things that have helped us are: Showing appreciation for the successes of each other.  Making an effort to look our best most of the time.  Finding fun things to do together. Staying physically close. Making an effort to share our thoughts and concerns considerately and paying attention to each other's needs.

Our life has been a whirlwind of activity…having lots of fun with each other and with our sons and their families.  We feel energy flowing into our business and into our family life. We are touched by music and early dates would find us sitting by a record player listening to beautiful music  It is still exciting when the two of us do something fun or inspirational together.  I thank the Lord for the blessings of romance, sex and true love.

And thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for this safe place to contemplate these deep emotions that bring meaning and joy to our lives.

Kay Young

Superior, Colorado