Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Brenda Kidd Houston, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-11-06

Chapter 11:  The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

A Very Powerful Lesson!!!  And it is causing me to take a trip down Memory Lane.

Transmute:  to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form… (Mirriam Webster)

Hill says “Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires…and causes men to develop keenness of imagination, courage, willpower, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.”  In other words, the creative juices begin to flow to new heights and ideas begin to flow.  What is interesting to note is when a husband and wife come together sexually, they are in a state of trust, relaxation and giving themselves to each other in total abandonment; not overthinking it, just going with the flow.  And Hill states that this state of abandonment, trust and pleasure is the catalyst to the transmutation of creativity (or genii).  Wow!!!  Never thought of it that way before.

I remember many years ago, I would see young women who were engaged to be married.  Upon seeing them after they returned from the honeymoon, it never failed that I noticed they were totally gorgeous and had such a glow about them that could not be contained.  Now I realize they had experienced transmutation.

I gave my heart to the Lord at the age of eleven.  But in my mid-twenties I began hanging around a different class of people and, for a while, did drugs.  Not hard stuff at all, but drugs just the same.  At one time, I decided to try cocaine.  I did not sleep because it opened up my creativity to the point where I was writing down ideas the entire night, and those ideas flowed like running water on high speed (No pun intended).  I liked what it allowed me to do, the creativity that had awakened in me, but it wasn’t the method I wanted to use to get there.  So, I never did that again, and eventually reestablished my relationship with God.  But I so identify with this lesson because I understand about the different stimuli, good and bad, that can uncap our creativity.

Some years ago I was in Zimbabwe on a ministry trip and we had a team of NBA players with us.  Of course, we looked like midgets next to these guys!  They were entertaining kids with basketball tricks and we were praying for and ministering to the needs of the people and speaking into their lives.  On a day off from ministering, we went sightseeing to Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and a few other places.  While we were on our way, the NBA guys wanted to know what our gifts were because they were interested in how we were able to do what we did.  Each person gave their answer for what their ministry gift was and everyone else named their most dominant gift.  When it was my turn, my answer was, “Well, I’ve always asked God to give me access to whatever gift is needed at that particular time”.  And He always does.

This may seem like it is not the same as the stimulation Hill talks about in this lesson, but when I am ministering to people in prayer, I am creatively open to hearing from the Lord exactly what I need to know about them, what they need to hear, how I need to pray and speak into their lives.  I become a conduit to receive information that I would have no earthly way of knowing.

There is such a Wealth of information in this chapter and I know I have only tapped into a very small part of what is there.  Much to learn here.  Good stuff.