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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-11-06


Sex Transmutation  and it’s Mystery


Transmutation is simply transferring one element or energy into another. 

The emotion of of sex is the most powerful of all human desires and emotions. 

Transmutation of sex is simply switching the mind from thoughts of physical expression to thoughts of something else.


Sex is misunderstood by many. I for one have misunderstood the significance of the this famous three letter word.  Hill has provided some eye opening knowledge and wisdom. 


Scientific research on the backgrounds of high-achieving men has disclosed some significant facts.


First is the men of greatest achievement are those with highly developed sex nature’s; mastered the art of sex transmutation.


Secondly the men who accumulated great fortunes and achieved outstanding recognition in literature, art, industry, architecture and professions were motivated by the influence of women.


Unfortunately this edition of Hill’s book provides no similar studies regarding highly successful women.  I am confident they are available somewhere.


There are ten different stimuli, which the mind responds freely to.


The top one is desire for sex expression. The key to being successful is transmutation. History shows that many individuals do not succeed before the age of forty. Many do not even come into full stride till age fifty or beyond. 


A couple of examples are Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and James J. Hill. All of these tycoons made their mark after their fortieth birthday.


The primary reason is many individuals over indulge with the physical expression. I am one of the many who went through this. 


The bottom is substances: narcotics and alcohol.  This stimuli can be very destructive. Moderation is fine, but too many folks overindulge. Some of the Multiple folks in the past, present, and future, who are or will be considered geniuses overindulge with drugs or alcohol.   Many of these.cases come from the entertainment industry.  Jim Morrison of the Doors was a brilliant musician and songwriter.  Unfortunately the alcohol and drugs got the best of him.  


The late John Belushi in my mind is one the funniest comedians and talented actors in history.  He was on Saturday Night Live, when the show was actually funny and avoided the politically correct of biased garbage. The Blues Brothers is still one of my favorite comedies. He passed at the young age from an overdose.  I remember getting up early in nineteen eight two for my paper route and seeing the front page story: “Belushi dead at thirty three.”  Too young to die.  These examples are probably not even one percent of entertainers who died young due to substance abuse.


Overindulging of sex in the physical realm can be just as disruptive. A sex crazed person can have the same destructive issues as somebody with a substance abuse problem. This can destroy someone’s life in many ways. No need , however, to go to much in negative on this matter!


Sexual energy is used and transmuted properly can be very powerful and beneficial to success monetarily and beyond. Many in the past, present, and future, have a high sex drive who could transfer the energy into something productive.


This principle is no different to our success in Network Marketing.  All successful examples in this industry transmuted their energy into helping others help themselves.  


We all are blessed to have Mentoring For Free available to us.  From this I have realized Napoleon Hill’s principles is not just a few tidbits, it is a way of life! 


Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program. Thank you Rick for connecting with me. Thank you to all who bring, knowledge, wisdom, and experiences to these calls.


Michael Simon