Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Crystal Taylor pine bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2019-11-06

This lesson reminds me of how our vibration and energy truly is critical to our growth. So many people get stuck on the idea that success and growth is "time" away. A month, a year from now, etc. When in all actuality we can raise our vibrational energy in an instant. Time is an illusion. 

It all starts with awareness. Understanding who we are truly created to be and matching that energy. You can't be the teacher without first enduring the lesson. We are manifesting ALL the time...whether we want to be or not. 

What we think, we become. It is all about being aware, becoming intentional and then getting consistent. Life doesn't just happen to us, life responds to us. 

Thanks for inviting me to collaborate and learn here(Marty Roe). It took me long enough, but here I am. 

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Crystal Taylor