Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2019-10-30



The Nith Step toward Riches

Plans are inert and useless, without sufficent power to translate them into action. This chapter will describe the method by which an individual may attain and apply power. Napoleon Hill

How is power defined?

It is defined as organized and inteligenly directed knowledge.

To accumulate money requires power and power is also necessary for the retention of money.

The three sources of organized knowledge knowlege are.
  A.Infinite Inteligence  
  B. Accumulated experience
  C. Experince and rerdsearch

How do we accuire this organized knowedge.

Our Master Mind Group, Mentoring For Free does all that is required to have organized knowledge.

Each week we take a chapter of Think and Grow Rich, disect it after we read and post our lessons. A very intense review of the lessons gives us a good perspective of the contents of each chapter. Giving a new person a better understanding of the contents of each chapter. This is as the result of evperienced members of the of our Mentoring for free group.

As a fairly new member of this group I appereciate all the knowlege that members of the MFF group share  each week and new people are able to take this information and use it as well as share it..

In addition we have live calls that give us the information of the color of the person that we talk to. This again is discussed in detail. Learning the colors is is an absolute must to be able to properly converse with prospects and members as well as everyone, especially our family members. This information and training is invaluable.

I want to thank Linda & Michael Dlouhy for having the foresight and creating the "Success In Steps" book and also this GREAT Merntoring For Free group. Thank you Thank You Thank You.

Again I want to thank all the members of MFF group that participate to help a new person to accquire the knowledge to be successful in life and their business.

Also I can not forget my friend, sponsor and mentor Bob Shoaf for all the advise and knowedge he offers every week and somtimes daily. Thank You Bob.

Bill Riske