Think & Grow Rich Lessons
VERONICA Coney chicago, IL, United States

Posted: 2019-10-30



The ability or right to control people or things.


A person with positive power/ energy can influence another person to take responsibility for their own individual life to ensure their desired end.



Let me explain, Let’s say Paul bumped into an old friend named Ted, this friend had gone through a bad divorce, out of work and completely desponded.  Every word that came out of Ted’s mouth was laced with disappointment, bitterness, and blame, Ted blamed his ex-wife and ex-coworkers for his failed marriage and loss of work. Ted refused to take responsibility on any part he might have played during the divorce and extreme bad drinking habits. Anyone that has heard Paul speak, knows that it’s impossible the feel defeated in his presence, Paul Invited Ted to his church the following Sunday and asked him to come early to have breakfast with his staff. That Sunday Ted went had breakfast with Paul’s staff.

Ted was amazed at the talk around the table as each member greeted Him and shared their kindness and enthusiasm for the days lesson, Joel would be speaking on forgiveness, Because of the positive harmony and Joel’s staff had been in the power of positive thinking course over the last 2 months, the staff had conditioned their thinking and to be on one accord. By the time Ted left that day, he felt a huge lift off his shoulders and told Paul “see you next week.”


Please note, Ted did not wait to get invited back, he knew what he wanted and was determined to be in presence of powerful forces.


The Staff at Paul’s Church, energy had compelled Ted to come back, there was no discussion about Ted’s personal problems, He knew that whatever they had he wanted it. He has been there ever since and joined in on his own restoration of thoughts, deeds, and actions.



Each and every individual on the planet has the ability to cultivate a positive outlook on life no matter what conditions have grabbed hold of our thinking, It All Starts in the Mind, Aligning yourself with Positive Productive like-minded people can take yours from a Poverty mindset to an abundance of riches mindset.