Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-10-15




We all want to succeed, we all want financial freedom and independence.  In order to get this we have to make the decision to do it and stick with it.  


All folks that changed history from the beginning of time, changed history, because they made the decision.  These figures dealt with opposition in many cases was dangerous and cost some their lives.  Socrates made the decision to drink a cup of poison instead of compromising his personal belief of courage. This turned time ahead by thousands of years and gave unborn folks a future of free speech and thought.   Would the first Amendment of the U.S. Constitution existed if Socrates had not been so brave? We will never know.


The United States by many key historical figures who made decisions that could have cost them their lives.  First there were notable individuals such as John Hancock and Samuel Adams who fearlessly and openly  spoke out and rebelled against the British Government and The throne of King Henry the eight. Samuel Adams was presented bribes by the local Governor if he would fall back in line. He chose to carry on with his decision, with the risk of being hanged.


This was the beginning of our Great Nation. The date of the Fourth of July on the year of Seventeen Hundred and Seventy Six, fifty six men  signed their names to a document they knew would either bring freedom to all Americans, or every one of them hanged. This was a decision of courage by them all.  Our nation all began with decision of many individuals  with courage. 


Major changes in industry and methods of conducting business all began by big decisions.  Henry Ford made the decision in the mass manufacturing of the model T and did not waiver.  Fred Smith had the idea of specialized package delivery long before the founding of Federal Express. He wrote a paper about this which challenged his professor, and ended up receiving a low grade for it.  Who changed history and had a higher net worth a decade later?  This happened because of his decision and tenacity to see it through.  Federal Express had the naysayers and skeptics for a few years, but this never stopped Fast Freddy.  He hired experts and developed a master mind team, who helped him work through operational challenges. Soon Federal Express Revenues reaches 75 million with a net profit of almost four million.


Every great opportunity in past, present, and the future will have the naysayers and critics. Most people will not be financially free and independent because they will let the opinions of folks influence them. Many of  these folks are friends and family, which is important to all for a happy and healthy life.  This, however, will not make your wealthy unless one  makes the sound decision to pursue their dream and carry on even with some bumps in the road.  


This pertains to our network marketing businesses. We all have friends, and family members who will not be supportive of our endeavors. One will not succeed of they are influenced and worried about the naysayers opinions.  The successful will make the decision to do what is required regardless of what some might think.


Surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals is necessary to carry us through.  We are blessed to have mentoring for free, for this very reason.  Thank you Michael And Linda Dlouhy for your selfless service. Thank you Rick Burnet for reaching out to me. Thank you to all the diligent and dedicated dreamers on the calls.


Michael Simon