Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2019-10-14

What I learned from this chapter is to DECIDE what is neccesary to do to get results. And to keep doing something until it stops working. Without results a person is NOT a leader. There is an old saying the specialist knows more. Prospects and other people in this business are always looking for people who are the best at what they want to look for? And whom to they head to as the go to person the person who gets RESULTS! 

The leaders are the people who decide what to do quickly and cut all sources of retreat. Everybody has the devil talking in their head but its a choice whether to listen to it then not. If you have the devil arriving just tell him to get out of your car!! That way you will NO LONGER be stuck at the red light forever.

Here is a story of what NOT to do when making a decision. Think about when you order a ticket to a movie and a transaction has been completed. Your receipt has been printed and you put it away in your walled. You and your buddies are anticipating on how the movie will be. Five minutes later the devil whispers something in your ear. Cancel plans with your friends. You then tell your friends 10 minutes before the movie starts that you have to head back home right now. Of course you dissapoint your friends but even worse you do NOT know the meaning of decision. Because you chose to make a wish due to the fact that you changed plans in the last minute by choosing not to go for whatever reason. Therefore you lost $15 because you did NOT know how to decide what you wanted to do! Most people are like this in life, they do NOT know the meaning of decision. Therefore they have made wishes because they were influenced by other peoples opinions. And if a person continues that way their car will remain in the parking space forever and if you attempt to start it in ten years it will be "Forget It!"

The Declaration has been signed on July 4th 1776. By Lee, Hancock and Adams. If one of them decided to back out in the last minute then we would be under British Ruling and would NOT even be close to where we are today!!

If three people fought for your freedom along with the soilders then why can't you do it? You only live once not twice!! Therefore know where you are going and just do whatever is on your to do list to accomplish what you want! When you do that then you'll be mad nice!!

Lawrence Bergfeld