Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kira Harnett Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Posted: 2016-03-16

Chapter 3: Faith

Hill States, “Faith is a state of mind which may be induced by auto-suggestion”

I am having fun creating a profitable network marketing business. I am doing so, by generating leads easily and consistently on a daily basis.
I am maintaining faith in myself to grow as a leader and I am a person people want to be in business with.

Positive Self-Talk repeated 100's of times daily, backed by a plan for success and faith in achieving your goals will allow you to have long term
viability in this industry. Tell yourself the things you wish to be true, make a plan and take action on it, then your goals will become reality.

I have faith that my Network Marketing business will bring me the financial stability that my family needs. I have set goals for myself and created
a plan to reach those goals. By staying positive, maintaining my focus and working hard I will meet those goals & every goal I set in the future.

Thanks to my dad (my mentor) for always believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself.

I am now 100% confident that I will have long term viability in this industry.

I appreciate each and every one of you!

Kira Harnett