Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2019-10-03

Chapter 6 - Imagination


I imagine we have all used the combination of our synthetic and Creative Imagination in the past without being aware of how it worked.


Many years ago, my husband and I were general contractors.  We built residential homes & a couple for ourselves.  During the building of a home for ourselves, I saw the wasted plywood out in the yard.  One morning as I awakened, I thought about that plywood and saw, in my mind a darling play table with the seats being toy holders, like a bench.  I saw the benches fitting into the table which had solid sides just like the table and realized it was a cube.  I imagined that cube was a block and wanted to paint it with each side having a letter and being a different color.  It was really bright and cute.


After getting the ok to use the plywood, I cut the wood and put the table part in place.  It had 3 solid sides: the top and the 2 sides.  In the middle was a supporting solid pice under the table.  Next the benches had solid sides and the lower half was a box with a top on it for the seat.  The seat was hinged to open and be storage for toys. 


Painting was a challenge as I wanted a brilliant set of colors.  After some tutoring at the paint store and a couple days to dry each side, it was done. That was a beloved piece of furniture for many years for our 5 boys.  All from a picture in my mind when I was waking up.

Now with Chapter 6 on Imagination, I can see what was really happening and apply it to my vision for my business.


Thanks for being there for us Michael and Linda and for all who participate.

Kay Young

Superior, CO