Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-10-02





It’s been said we can create anything we imagine.  In my perspective this makes a lot of sense. Everywhere we go and everything we do, we come into contact with energy that stimulates the imagination. More has been accomplished in the past 50 years that the previous centuries. The flood gate has been completely opened the past 20 years.


A couple of examples. First is mobile phones.  My early sales career was in the wireless communication industry. I sold two way radio systems to companies such as plumbing, heating and air, trash, and general contractors. The sales angle in the early to mid nineties was comparing the cost of a dispatch analog radio to the high cost of cellular airtime.  Cellular phones at this time would be considered a convenience tool with a high cost. They had limited features and some were the size of small boat anchors.  Fast forward twenty years. Mobile phones are smaller, have multiple features and benefits, airtime is more affordable, and most individuals have one.  Two way dispatch radios are still around and the technology has advanced, but there are not nearly as many players in the market as before.  Another example is the internet. I remember my first desktop computer with the slow dial up connection  with AOL Many of us called it America on Hold vs. America on Line.


Today internet speed is much faster,  used by almost everybody in modern society, and is available in places I never would have imagined. Free WiFi at Perkins, Starbucks, and Rest stops on Interstate 35 make working on the go more convenient than ever.  Both these markets which is the part of the information superhighway started with somebody’s imagination. 


Alexander Graham Bell developed the first patent of the telephone. There are many different facts and theories who created the World Wide Web.  One notable story is Xerox. Xerox used networks to connect their copier systems. The leadership, unfortunately, did  not see what they had. Steve Jobs, on the o of Apple Computer understood and saw the possibilities, when he visited their technology center. This was all through his creative imagination. Who uses a mouse with their computer? Xerox is where this began. These are two examples of individuals who changed the world. Both Bell and Jobs had vision and imagination.


Another world changing example is the famous enchanted kettle. An old country doctor developed a formula through an old fashioned kettle. One day he walked into a drug store and spoke with the drug clerk. The drug clerk apparently saw something and staked his entire savings on purchasing the kettle and secret formula from the Old Country Doctor. The Doctor saw it as a good deal. He paid off some bills and had some pocket change.  The clerk on the other hand essentially had something that could purchase multiple Gold Mines.  The clerk had an imagination, that this formula was something more. This formula is now in every corner of the world. Who in the civilized world has not heard of Coca Cola? All these examples changed millions of lives and created a lot of wealth. Not one of these would have happened without someone’s imagination! 


This goes the same for each one of us in our network marketing businesses. People join network marketing businesses every day. Some are first timers and many are not. A very small percentage will succeed in creating a full time income and beyond. One primary reason is most folks don’t have the imagination of themselves succeeding and having more money and freedom. They don’t imagine being debt and worry free when it comes to bills.   There is some work, but this will never happen if we don’t imagine ourselves succeeding.


The company we keep helps keep our imaginations high and dreams alive. We are blessed to have Mentoring for Free. Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program. Thank you Rick Burnett for contacting me and thank you everybody for your wisdom and experiences.


Michael Simon