Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-03-16

Chapter Three  Faith visualization of  and attainment of DESIRE, the second step toward riches:

Hebrews chapter 11 verse 6 in my bible states that, But without faith it is impossible to please him:one of the two absolutes of the Bible.

Faith is the only thing that God likes,Faith is the only thing God enjoys,God does not respond to my pain,God does not respond to my tears,he never responded to heartache,God has never responded to anybody in trouble, He only reacts to Faith,which is confidence in God and he says my words contain confidence, and when you hear something i say,faith comes, your faith will rise, faith comes by hearing.Something i am hearing is deciding my faith.I have to hear something God would say so i say what God says so i can feel what God feels and have the faith of God!

Thats the power that saves right there  if you can  believe, by faith, that Jesus Christ went to the cross for you, faith plus nothing, then his words say you will spend eternity in his presence because your sin debt has been paid in full.

The God who saves me is the creator of everything and i am part of him like the drop of ocean water has all the same particles as the ocean itself, the difference is volume.

Abundance ,prosperity and success have always been mine as soon as i can see it and believe it so.Without a doubt, i can and will be the man God has planned for me and this forum will be the foundation i have  needed  Thank you  Michael for all your time and effort to share your life here.I appreciate you