Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cheryl Stuhr Houston, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-09-25



Think and Grow Rich

Chapter 5

Specialized Knowledge,

There are two kinds of knowledge; generalized and specialized.

Generalized knowledge is basically 'book learning' which is usually taught by teachers or professors, who are broke and not making much money. But if a person takes that knowledge and organizes it intelligently and directs it, with Plans of Action, toward accumulating money, he or she may become wealthy.

BUT an important component to that, is you have to decide what kind of specialized knowledge you require. I don't know of anyone who became rich by just the information they learned in a classroom, cramming for tests, just to regurgitate it and then probably forgetting what they were just tested on.

“To a large extent your major purpose in life, the goal towards which you are working will determine what knowledge you need.” A person has to decide what they definitely want and how they plan to get it. It may require getting additional education for the type of work they truly want to do. So many people believe that the only way to get ahead in this world and to get rich is to have a 'formal college education'. That's BS (being stupid). Why go to college and get a degree when your dream is to become a carpenter. You will need specialized knowledge to be a carpenter, but you don't need 4 years of college to do so. I know this from personal experience. I didn't know what I wanted to do but spent thousands of dollars to get a degree in a profession that I finally realized I didn't want to do the rest of my life when I was doing my practicum (internship).

I now do something I really love and with specialized knowledge I'm receiving about Attraction Marketing and Social Media Marketing, I'm on my way to accumulating the riches I desire. I'd like to thank Michael and Linda, Nathan and Connie and everyone else in our mastermind group for all the support and insights that are shared each week. Thank you

Cheryl from Houston