Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-09-25

Specialized Knowledge


Higher level education and having multiple degrees is not a bad thing and will not necessarily hurt you. The General Curriculum of any Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts Degree is there to give somebody a broader perspective of the world. Well in my day anyway. This, however, will not guarantee you will be the most successful in terms of finances and prestige when the rubber meets the road in the real world.


Figures such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison had very little formal education. They did, however, have access to specialized knowledge through themselves or access to the folks who had the knowledge and experience they needed. 


Another person I always admired was the late Dale Earnhardt Sr.  Dale had a 9th. grade education. The mainstream elites especially today would probably consider this person a failure or better yet, he would be a deplorable.  All because he did not have the education from some elite school or some elite title.  He on the other hand had an in depth knowledge of cars, racing, and obviously had some business sense. Along with seven Cup Championships he built a lucrative racing shop of his own.  It was a bitter sweet day when he passed after the tragic wreck at Daytona Speedway in 2001.  A terrible loss, but he at least passed doing something he loved.    I would rather take advice from someone like Dale Earnhardt on success regarding achievement in careers and finances before I would from someone on a talk show with their nose in the air who bad mouths folks they do not agree with.


A successful person needs to know where to find the specialized knowledge when needed. This can come from taking the right course, talking to your mentor or hiring the right people.  Successful companies regardless of size have good employees which are valued. The proprietor or CEO may not know every mundane detail that makes the company tick, but they will have the right folks in place.


This goes the same for the military. Well run military unit needs good Enlisted leaders (NCO’s) just as much as it needs effective commissioned officers.  Tenured NCO’s almost always have more practical knowledge and experience than the Junior Officer will.   The platoon, company, battalion, brigade, or Division needs the right personnel for the unit to run well. This applies to life as a whole.


The same principle goes towards success as a leader in Network Marketing. Each one of has different God Given Talents along with weaknesses.  Using the talents we have along with getting the proper advice, training, and coaching from the right sources is what will make an individual successful.  


Members of this group are blessed to have access to the knowledge and experiences of folks who have made their mark in this industry. Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program. Thank you Rick To reaching out to me. Thank you everybody who brings their knowledge and experiences to the table weekly.


Michael Simon