Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Eric Braun Ohio City, Ohio , United States

Posted: 2019-09-24


                                                               Specialized Knowledge

  Henry Ford was put on trial for being accused of being stupid. (--Napoleon Hill) Much like today’s news about Trump. God forbid he say anything bad about Biden to another leader! Fake news is blowing things way out of proportion, just because Biden got his feelings hurt. Witch hunts costing billions of our tax dollars, that could be spent on other useful needs our country needs. If we keep coddling our kids because they got their feelings hurt, what kind of future leaders are we producing in the future???
  Well enough about politics.
  During Henry Ford’s trial, he was asked questions he could not know the answer to, but he came up with clever answers due to his wisdom. He said that he, at his fingertips, could push a button and summon anyone who works for him to get answers to problems he could not possibly solve. (--Napoleon Hill) Much like Google or YouTube of today.
  We can Google anything and get the answer. That is specialized knowledge. One thing Google lacks is wisdom. You have to turn to, for example, to Proverbs in the Bible to get nuggets of wisdom. Also, of course, our mastermind group! As far as YouTube goes, you pretty much have to pray for discernment, but has excellent how to DIY videos.
  Me, personally, am very educated, but not graduated. From ‘89 to ‘91, I studied Electronics and Robotics. I couldn’t understand the hydraulics, so I was forced to drop out of Ivy Tech, today known as Ivy Community College. From ‘98 to 2000, I studied TV, VCR, and Stereo Theory and Repair, only to discover that the school closed in 2000 due to electronics being more and more disposable. For example, my 4K TV on/off switch is blown. I went to take a screw driver to fix it, only to find out that the 4K TV is soldered shut where the screws should be. A marketing marvel! Then I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology at Purdue in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but tried to pass Analytical and Geometric Calculus three times in a row and failed every time because I didn’t take Geometry and Precalculus in high school. It wasn't like I didn’t try, but I was more into General and Consumer Math freshman and sophomore year, then junior and senior year was Algebra I and II, back in the old’n days of ‘85 to ‘89. Then Ashford University School of Business, from ‘15 to ‘17, which was 1% hands on and 99% essay. I hated writing essays!
  I truly believe most people don’t acquire wisdom until the age of 40. Most people spend their 20’s and 30’s trying to figure out life.
  Even though I dropped out of two technical schools, well one, the other correspondence course closed their doors in 2000, and two colleges, I am highly educated, but not graduated. It takes wisdom to accumulate that acquired knowledge and put it to practical use. 
  For example, while in college, I worked at a television station. The head engineer needed help organizing miles of coaxial cables. From The War Memorial Coliseum to the college campus, then around the studio. The head engineer would read the schematics and tell me where to put each cable and label each one. One day I was getting frustrated because he was taking his time telling me where to put each cable and label it. So I told the head engineer that I would read the schematics to him. He said, “IMPOSSIBLE! YOU ARE ONLY A FRESHMAN IN COLLEGE!” I told him that I have been studying schematics, since I was 14, through electronic kits and correspondence school for two years prior to college in the year 2000. I knew 98% of the symbols in the schematics, but it was more or less like a blueprint that I learnt in an industrial air conditioner factory. Using my expertise in schematics and blueprints, I read them off to him, he was impressed, and we got done twice as fast!
  While I was just a temporary at a local masonry block manufacturing plant, the robots quit working. I told the maintenance guy that I’ll fix it. He yelled, “YOU’RE JUST A TEMPORARY!” I said, “Just give me a chance.” I programmed the robot with a teach pendant that he couldn’t figure out because the robots were fairly new back in ‘92. Needless to say, production went on that day.
  ...and lastly, by my essay writing in business school, I am able to write this essay.

  Thank you Michael Dlouhy for this master mind group and Nathan Grimes for believing in me!

Eric Braun
Ohio City, Ohio 45874, USA