Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kenneth Guernsey Guernsey Lubbock, TX,

Posted: 2016-03-16

Chapter 3 Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill Lesson

The previous chapter was about desire.  Before we can have faith, we must have desire.  For me, I went to the Bible to get a clarification on faith.  Because of this chapter in “Think and Grow Rich” I believe I have a better understanding of what faith should mean to a Christian.  A Christian has faith in a promise that if they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior that they will have everlasting life.  In addition we should love Jesus like He loves you, and love your neighbor like Jesus loves you.  Without that relationship with Jesus, it is very difficult to love your neighbors like Jesus loves you.  It is through desire for everlasting life, and faith in Jesus Christ, that we are able to accomplish our love for each other.

What I get from that, is when we have a desire to accomplish some goal, then we must have faith that it will be accomplished.  We must do those tasks out of love for that desire to the point that we will accomplish all tasks necessary to meet that goal.  Faith by itself will not get you to where you want to be in your desire or dream.  The work necessary to get you there will not be accomplished without your faith that these tasks will achieve your goal.  Without desire or faith, no amount of work will get you to your goal.  One can go to church every church day and give money and services to his church.  One can display all the works, perhaps even be the Pastor of his congregation, but the Christian teachings are, that unless you accept Christ as your Savior, you will be denied everlasting life with Him.  When your desire is great, and your faith is so great that you know it will happen, you will do all that is necessary so that it will happen.  It will also be contagious and others will help you achieve.

Thank you for these lessons, as they are bringing new meaning to my life.

Ken Guernsey