Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Tesch Chandler, Arizona, United States

Posted: 2019-09-23

There is so much in this chapter to absorb, After reading I was encourge to write this e-mail listed below.


I have been doing Network Marketing on and off for years with no success, I came to the conclusion the problem was me!

I reached out to Mentoring for free, a training site where no companies or products are ever discussed, just MLM training hoping to find the reasons for my failure.

They have a web site as well as others to just study the book Think and Grow Rich, I know you know the book, below is a paragraph from chapter 5:

There is no fixed price for sound IDEAS! Back of all IDEAS is specialized knowledge. Unfortunately, for those who do not find riches in abundance, specialized knowledge is more abundant and more easily acquired than IDEAS. Because of this very truth, there is unity for the person capable of helping men and women to sell their personal services advantageously. Capability means IMAGINATION, the one quality needed to combine specialized knowledge with IDEAS, in the form of ORGANIZED PLANS designed to yield riches.

In this one paragraph I found 2 reasons for my failure

1- Ego Not willing to ask for help from qualified persons.

2- Being coach-able


At least for know I need to work on myself, I need to believe I can do this, that it is actually possible


Michael Dlouhy wrote a book  Success in Ten Steps the founder of Mentoring for Free, in it he he talks of a why, why prospects should join you: 

I'll provide a lead generation system that brings only the most qualified people into your group, Then I will train them FREE, 5 nights a week, to build relationships and become Top Sponsors who will build YOU a lifetime residual income


Best Wishes for your Success