Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2019-09-04

TGR Lesson Chapter 2


The Starting Point Of All Achievement.

The First Step Toward Riches

In this chapter we learn that Barnes came to Edison with one factor 
and ONLY one factor to (go into business with Edison) not to work for but to be business associate.

He knew it would be a long road and he was willing "to do what it would take" to fullfill his DREAM.

Some time later his opportunity came because he was willing to do others were not willing to do. This opened the door for the opportunity for Barnes to be an associte with Edison.

Anpother example give was a boy born without ears. His father was determined that his son would hear he did everything he could think of in traing the boy to hear. Later his dream was fufilled.

This rerminds me of the time when our second daughter started to talk. She would stutter very badly we took her to differnt doctors and were told that we could help her by stopping her everytime she started to stutter and start over slowly

When she stared school she was still stuttering almost all the time we met her teacher and discussed how we and the teacher could help her. By doing several different excercises the stuttering it became less frequent.

By this time she was 7-8 years old and kids would tease her and she became shy because of the stuttering.

We again were faced a challenge, We kept telling her to slow down when talking. She would stutter heavily when she got excited. We would constanly tell her to slow down talk slower.

Although this was very trying and extended procedure she began to stutter less frequently. Today she is 50+ is married and has two sons and you would never guess that she ever had a stuttering problem.

No matter what the problem or dream might be NEVER give up keep working and you will accomlish your goal.

I again want to thank Lind and Michael Dlouhy for this awesome platform and the training. Also all my fellow participants for all their imput and knowledge shared on these call's every week.

Last I want thank my sponsor Bob Shoaf for his GREAT leadership and encouagement that he shares daily

Bill Riske
Houston Texas