Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Peter Luchsinger Algonquin, IL, USA

Posted: 2016-03-16

We all exercise faith every day.  When we turn the key we have faith that the engine will start.  When we press the brake pedal we have faith that we will stop.  When we plant a garden we have faith that flowers or vegetables will grow.

We take action in which we have faith and our expectation is that our action will produce in accordance with the faith we have.  And we chose the action.

We chose the action because we have faith in the desired result, and we do this all day long without thinking.  The key here is to choose a new result that is different from what we have had before, put our faith in it and act.  We can act in faith toward our desired result by thinking of it as a forgone conclusion, just as we do presently in most everything we do.

We must simply choose something new, have faith and do.