Think & Grow Rich Lessons
David Watson Baltimore, MD, United States

Posted: 2019-09-02

BURNING DESIRE... FAITH... BELIEF... DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE...the mindset and pathway to SUCCESS and achievement. My mentor plants this BELIEF and FAITH in BURNING DESIRE to acquire wealth with a DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE. I'm an employee who works full-time and part-time in multiple jobs to barely make ends meet. When I informed him of my situation in a conversation we had recently, my mentor told me he wants to help me attain $10,000 per month! WOW! I was really encouraged and motivated to envision this DREAM that BURNING DESIRE makes reality. I read this chapter for a second time and began to follow the six steps: seeing myself earn $1,000 per month, I plan to give my time, effort, mental energy to learn on various calls, and monetary payment to the lead generation system at Mentoring for Free to attain my goal by the end of 2019. I put this plan into action a month ago and now I'm going to recite it in my mind and keep it in my heart every day! This is the DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE which led to the great achievements of "ordinary" men and women throughout history. Michael Dlouhy himself gave an example in his call last Wednesday when he spoke about his Prostate Specific Antigen number(my late father had an enlarged prostate and took herbal remedies for many years to ward off cancer). Michael emphasized that he blocked all negativity out of his mind and focused on "BURNING DESIRE" to get that PSA number down to healthy based on what his doctor recommended. He ignored even the thought that he could get worse and have to undergo all of this invasive treatment his doctor at first recommended. I want to have this same attitude to block out all negativity that creates FEAR and DOUBT that I can't attain $10,000 per month and grow in intense BURNING DESIRE to see that DREAM realized! Thank you for letting me share.