Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2019-08-28

Unable to react with a conscious thought, I was hurled into a test of my determination yesterday and had to act quickly or reap tragic outcomes. 

It was a beautiful, sunny and even cooler day.  I walked out my front door to take our neighbor’s 6-year –old boxer, Daisy, to her home next door after playing with our dog, Holly, who stayed in the house.  Daisy had a slip knot leash around her neck and I saw a Pug named Olive, who lived 2 doors down racing toward me dragging her leash.

Karla, Olive’s owner, caught up to her and came over to visit a minute.  As she came close, her Pug challenged Daisy, the boxer.  Daisy was right up for the task and the 2 began snapping and snarling at each other.  Daisy wiggled out of the leash and got a gripping hold of Olive’s neck and both were yelping as Karla and I also were knocked to the ground, hanging onto the dogs and screaming.  I couldn’t get to Daisy’s neck to replace the lease.  Her sleek body was hard to grab and I finally got a good hold on one of her thighs and held her back with all the force I could muster.  Karla was finally able to pull away and quickly walked to her house while two 5th grade girls going home from school rushed to see if I, still on the ground struggling to get that leash on, was ok. 

Before this story, I mentioned that no conscious thought came to tell me what to do.  I was totally absorbed by the task at hand and even unaware of the 20 or more people who were standing on our sidewalk watching the entire encounter.  So what has this to do with thoughts?  I guess there was one thought of fear that Daisy might kill Olive, but no time for that.  It was totally focus, focus, focus, determination, determination, and determination.  I was determined that this would turn out well, which thought & vision never faltered throughout the experience.  In fact, later on we found that there was not a mark on either dog. 

To address your possible concerns:  After it was over, I realized that Daisy never had the intention to harm Olive, only to gain dominance.  If she had wanted to do harm, she could have.  She & Holly, our dog, play rough when they first meet and love it.  It is play and they have never hurt one another. 

Back to pondering this experience:  I recognized that the determination and focus demanded in this situation is exactly what I need to reach my own dreams and goals.  If I stay focused on the goal of the moment, never wavering, no matter how slow is seems or how long it takes.   If I am not in the least concerned about people watching me, those dreams or goals will come into being. 

This determination is what lead Hill to a partnership with Edison and for Darby to learn a lesson from his mine and use it later to build his insurance business to an unprecedented level.  It worked for both of them.  I now want to activate this universal truth in my life.  A thought or goal plus determination will keep me focused to achieve my goals and dreams.

Thank you Michael & Linda for this program that leads us on to being more productive, happy and giving individuals.

Kay Young

Superior, Colorado.