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Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2019-08-28

Thoughts Are Things

The Man Who "THOUGHT" His Way
Into Partnership with Thomas Edison

If you Believe it You can Achieve it!

Sometime our beliefs are not as strong as they should be.

We should always make our Beliefs  as strong as possible and follow these beliefs untill we accomplish our goals.

In 1969 I was approched by my Life insurance agent to give up my current job of working as a uniform route driver.

After some soul searching and time to think about it I decided that I would be a Life insurance sales person. I was going to be a very good life insurance salesman.

After about 6 mo. in the business I was asked to speak at our upcoming convention. I chose the Title of My Speach (How to sell $1,000,000 life insurance) The answer was "To purchase the insurace I needed for my family and then go out and find people to help me pay for it"

My Belief was so Strong that I did exactly that and was a very successful insurance salesman and in the top leaders of my company.   
Hill tells us that Barnes chief characteristic was definite. He wanted to work with Edison NOT for him.

It did not happen to him right away. Little by little he worked his way to work with Edison.

When the opotunity came it was from a different form and different direction than he expected. But he accomplished his vision and belief

Every  day I thank God for leading me to this awesome Free Training that Linda and Michael Dlouhy have created for us to learn and become better problem solvers and a better person.

Also thank Bob Shoaf for his Brilliant Leadership. The Master Mind Group that I am constanly to be a better (Problem Solver) everyday.

Bill Riske