Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-08-28


Thoughts Are Things.


When you consistently think positive, good things will happen for your over time.  Thinking positive will help you develop habits which leads to positive action. 


An everyday example is getting back into shape when you have not exercised consistently for years and not dieted properly.   


The first few days you eat you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, skip desert, and exercise for an hour or more.  The first day exercise done right could be painful and you may not feel the best. Good chance you will be downright sore and exhausted.  This has been my experience more than once. 


This happened at the beginning of swim season a number of times. The most memorable time in my life was when I joined the military in my early thirties.   The first week was awful. I wondered why I had ever done this.  Things did get better over time. I ate better and pushed it.  I lost weight and felt great.  This would have never happened if I had stinking thinking and quit.


There a plenty of business examples over the course of history.  Edwin Barne’s long term goal was to work with Edison.  This did not happen overnight. He worked for him for years before the opportunity came to market and sell Edison’s dictating machines.  He could have had a lousy attitude and quit.  Instead he kept the positive thoughts going, worked hard, and took proper action when the time arose. 


Sometimes we fail. Darby was three feet from gold and quit. Sounds horrible, but turned out to be a very valuable lesson.  Years later he became very successful in the life insurance industry.   


Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs are great examples. One that I took notice from is Steven Spielberg, one of the best motion picture directors in History. He had a desire to direct movies since he was a child.  He began making amateur films.  I just learned that Spielberg snuck around Universal Studios for months. He started taking studio tours, jump the tram, and hid till tour group was out of site. Each day he would leave the studio and got familiar with the security guard. He eventually walked by every day in a suit and carrying a briefcase. The guard and other studio staff assumed he was just a summer intern.  Spielberg found a vacant office and took it over, like Michael J. Fox did in the film, “The Secret of My Success.”  Eventually he got to know Sid Sheinberg, who was the head of television production. He showed Sheinberg his college film project. Sheinberg was impressed and put him under contract.  His first full length film was The Sugarland Express, which did well,at,the Cannes Film Festival, but bombed at the box office.  Spielberg did not let this bring him down. He soon directed Jaws, which had it’s share of production problems, but became a legend at the box office. 


Spielberg thought big, took,actions, and never quit.  Other notable films such ET, The Color Purple, and The Jurassic Park franchise, might not have happened if Spielberg had kept going. This all began with thought.


The same goes marketing. There are plenty of distractions and life situations that can knock us down. Stinking thinking will keep us down. We have to keep the right thoughts,  which leads to action so we get up and move on.


Thank you Michael Dloughy for your development and dedication to Mentoring for Free. Thank you Rick Burnett for introducing me to this program. Thank you everybody who participates on a weekly basis.