Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-08-22

Chapter 1- The man who “thought” his way
into partnership with Thomas A. Edison

“Truly, “thoughts are things” and powerful things at that,
when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose,
persistence, and a burning desire
for their translation
into riches, or other material objects.” Napoleon Hill

We live in a constant stream of thoughts available to us
through a big mind.  For my thoughts to become things I
must consider how I choose what thoughts to have and which
ones to reject.

Question:  How do you decide the content of your personal

There is no way to reveal the millions of thoughts that
I reject but these often determine my character, the fact
that I am not an ax murderer means I have rejected those
thoughts. But why? Why did I reject those thoughts while
someone else let them in and believed in them? An answer
is that how I am driven by my basic values, by my
experience and by my gained wisdom and maturity. I choose
thoughts for love or for hate, for peace or for war, for
acceptance or rejection, and so on. These thoughts then
manifest into my life story, what I am, how I behave.

As I reflected these accounts of Edwin C. Barnes, R. U.
Darby and Henry Ford I see men who knew they were
responsible for their thoughts and felt responsible for
what happens to them. Edwin Barnes knew if he has to be
a partner of Thomas Edison he had to get on that train
and do whatever it takes even if it took 5 years.

Darby could have thought of himself as a victim of
circumstance, living as a victim of his thoughts of
failure. But NO, he determined that he would never
come up “3 feet short” ever again.

Most people are a victim because they think they are
which most of the time grand illusion and is a powerless
stance. Here at Mentoring for Free, I have discovered
a burning desire to be a real Network Marketer and with
definiteness of purpose, a focused persistence, and an
“all-in” commitment. I choose not to be a victim of small
thinking, the negative energy of naysayers, or being a
quitter. I am a builder of relationships, a giver of
hope, and a partner with success.

Thank you, Linda and Michael, for the resources you have
built and given to us for the betterment of our lives.
Bob Shoaf, you are a constant giver of wisdom and
encouragement. To all of my mastermind partners thank you
are the gift of your participation on all the calls. My
deepest gratitude everyone who downloaded “Success in 10
Steps” and communicates with me regularly, your visits
are special to me.

Nathan Grimes