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Cheryl Stuhr Houston, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-08-21



Think & Grow Rich

Chpt 15

How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

In this last chapter of Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon points out that there are six fears: the fear of poverty, the fear of criticism, the fear of ill health, the fear of the lose of love of someone, the fear of old age and the fear of death.

These fears develop in the mind. They develop slowly over time, growing, affecting and influencing how you think, what you think, and how you react to whatever situation that arises. These thoughts begin percolating at an early age. We hear statements from our family and friends, who may think that what they are saying is true, but in reality it is true just for them; but you have been infected by their negative view of themselves or what they can or can not do.

So these negative thoughts become your paradigm. And when it is time for you to make a decision as an adult, you may ask yourself, “What would mom do?” “How would Uncle Don handle this?” Well, mom and Uncle Don may be woven with the same negative thought treads. So you start to doubt yourself-making no decision at all or changing your mind. This indecision is the “seedling of Fear” and when blended with doubt makes fear. Questioning a decision you want to make-is okay. You need to know the facts-BUT if you allow faulty, negative thinking to rule, you won't get very far in life.

“The majority of people, if asked what they fear most, would reply, “ I fear nothing.” The reply would be inaccurate, because few people realize that they are bound, handicapped, whipped spiritually and physically through some form of fear. So subtle and deeply seated is the emotion of fear that one may go through life burdened with it, never recognizing its presence. Only a courageous analysis will disclose the presence of this universal enemy.”

Napoleon listed all the symptoms of each of the 6 different fears and how they affect a person. What resonated with me in this chapter was what he said in his statement about the fear of death. I believe it holds true for all 6 fears. He stated that a remedy for this fear is a “BURNING DESIRE FOR ACHIEVEMENT, backed by useful service to others.” A busy person seldom has time to think about...” “He finds life too thrilling to worry...”

I'd like to thank Michael and Linda for developing MFF and the TGR Mastermind group, I'd like to than Nathan for his coaching calls each week, Bob for his insights and the rest of my group for all their words of wisdom. Thank you guys!

Cheryl from Houston